PlantPaper 100 % natural eco-criendliness

The natral fungus resistance paper pot

We proudly present PlantPaper

Since 2011 we have worked around the clock on developing PlantPaper, the first 100 % bio-based, sustainable, and fully compostable paper pot paper on the market. 

Facts about PlantPaper

  • 100 % bio-based and natural 

  • Contains no glue or fossil oil-based plastics

  • 100 % decomposable – no contamination when composting 

  • Natural fungus resistance – no fungicides or pesticides needed

  • Competitive prices – independent of changing oil prices

  • Thoroughly tested in plant nurseries for almost 2 years

  • Today, PlantPaper is patented in 48 countries worldwide.

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Our goal is simple

We wish to make your life easier and greener – and PlantPaper will do just that. It is a universal product that can be used for a variety of fields such as seedlings, young plants, gardening, forestry and sugarcanes. You name it and PlantPaper will help you make it grow. 

But PlantPaper is much more than a piece of paper. It is a new and freer way of thinking.

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 Let’s grow together! 

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We believe in PlantPaper

The Danish family owned investment company Karsten Ree Holding is a very active investor in PlantPaper. Karsten Ree Holding has specialized in fast growing and sustainable projects and PlantPaper fits perfectly into the portfolio. 

Watch our chairman of the board, Christian Ree, as he tells you about the reasons for investing in PlantPaper 

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100 % certified eco-friendliness

The environmental and biodegradable advantages of PlantPaper is not just a postulate. We have developed PlantPaper in order to meet the most exacting demands and certificates on the market.

Therefore, PlantPaper is a 100 % glueless, compostable and fossil oil-free product. 

Our list of certificates is updated regularly 

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Patented in 48 countries

In all modesty, we see PlantPaper as a market changer. Our paper is based on a newly developed formula of 100 % biodegradable and fossil oil-free components, all made of renewable resources. It can be formed into paper pots without the use of glue. 

PlantPaper is naturally fungus resistant and it is patented in 48 countries 

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Partnership with Modiform

At PlantPaper we like partnering. And we really like our partnership with Modiform, the European market-leading producer of propagation trays and packaging. It has resulted in a series of trays developed especially for our new biodegradable and eco-friendly paper pot system. Together with Modiform, we will bring PlantPaper to the rest of the world. 

Our cooperation is 100 % free and open. You can buy our paper pot paper through Modiform or directly from us. It does not make a difference.

We are all in this together. And we invite you to join us! 

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From Ellepot to PlantPaper

The life of Merethe Ellegaard is closely connected to paper pots. Her father invented and developed the well-known Ellepot System. Merethe was an active part of Ellegaard for many years as co-owner, vice president and Head of Marketing but she wanted to give dealers and consumers a 100 % biodegradable and compostable alternative for propagation. Therefore, she invented PlantPaper. 

To get it fine-tuned and tested, Merethe invited Carsten Storgaard, former Head of Service and Sales Manager in Ellegaard, to join the company. The goal is clear: They want to keep things flexible and free – in favour of both PlantPaper, dealers and customers.

Read more about the PlantPaper team