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We proudly present PlantPaper

 Since 2011 we have worked around the clock on developing PlantPaper U1, the first 100% bio-based, sustainable, and fully degradable paperpot paper on the market! 

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Our goal is simple: 

  • We wish to make your life easier and greener – and PlantPaper will do just that.

  • It is a universal product that can be used for a variety of fields such as seedlings, young plants, forestry and sugarcanes. You name it and PlantPaper will help you make it grow.

  • But PlantPaper is much more than a piece of paper. It is a new and more free way of thinking.

Facts about PlantPaper U1

  • 100% bio-based and natural 

  • Contains no glue or fossil oil-based plastics

  • 100% degradable – no contamination when degrading 

  • Tested at growers all over the world - no fungus occured on PlantPaper

  • Competitive prices – independent of changing oil prices

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Meet the Plantpaper Team

The PlantPaper team might be smallish in scale but it has more than 35 years of combined experience in the industry

Read more about the PlantPaper team  

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 Let's grow together