Meet the PlantPaper team

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For us it is pretty simple: We like to spend our time and money on perfecting our product and being flexible, instead of maintaining a large, cost-heavy cooperation. For you as a customer it means that your way to the key people of PlantPaper is always kept short.

We believe in productive working relationships with our suppliers, dealers, colleagues and customers. Relationships that give us new knowledge and first-hand know-how, while constantly encouraging us to improve PlantPaper. 

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The founders of PlantPaper are:

Merethe Ellegaard

Merethe is the inventor of PlantPaper. She is daughter of Øjvind Ellegaard and has been on the sideline of Ellegaard AS from the day her father founded the company. She was Vice President and co-owner of the company from 1993 until 2005. After that she remained Head of Marketing in Ellegaard AS until 2009.

Carsten Storgaard

Carsten was Head of Service and Sales Manager in Ellegaard from 2001 to 2012. He has a widespread global network in the industry, and the many years of travelling, servicing, and talking to dealers and customers have given him lots of hands-on experience and a significant technical insight. 

Karsten Ree Holding – our active investor

PlantPaper fits that profile perfectly, and as a result Christian Ree has chosen to be chairman of the board himself.

More about Karsten Ree Holding, the active investor in PlantPaper