Karsten Ree Holding
– our active investor

Karsten Ree Holding B owns a considerable part of PlantPaper and Christian Ree (son of founder Karsten Ree) is chairman of the board. 

In 1981 Karsten Ree (1945) founded Den Blå Avis, a consumer-to-consumer classified ads paper. It grew into a great success and was sold to eBay in 2008 for 2.1 billion Danish kroner (equalling 300 million USD in 2015). Today, Den Blå Avis is an all online service. 

Karsten Ree is known as an honest and colourful investor with flair for both a good deal and a good deed. Beside a range of more conventional investments, he has his own zoo (Ree Safari Park) and the Karen Blixen Camp in Kenya. 

In 2014 Karsten Ree split his holding company in 3: 
Karsten Ree Holding A, B and C. 

In 2015 he entrusted his son Christian Ree to be head of all investments in Karsten Ree Holding B, which has a strong focus on environmentally sustainable investments.

PlantPaper fits that profile perfectly, and as a result Christian Ree has chosen to be chairman of the board himself. So far Christian has only entered the board of 3 of the more than 15 companies which the holding company is currently investing in.

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PlantPaper is owned by 3 investors:

Merethe Ellegaard
Inventor of PlantPaper and former co-owner at Ellegaard AS

Carsten Storgaard
Former Head of Service and Sales Manager at Ellegaard AS

Karsten Ree Holding B
A Danish family-owned investment company represented by Christian Ree.

Karsten Ree Holding B  – key figures:

Net profit (2014)
238 million Danish kroner (34 million USD)

Net worth (2014)
1.2 billion Danish kroner (171 million USD).