Modiform trays for PlantPaper paperpots

Very wide selection

  • Optimum light/water ratio in paperpot

  • Specially designed bottom for effective drainage

  • Available in a variety of colours

  • Punched holes on top for good aeration

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Partnership with Modiform

At PlantPaper we like partnering. And we really like our partnership with Modiform, the European market-leading producer of propagation trays and packaging. It has resulted in a series of trays developed especially for our new biodegradable and eco-friendly paperpot system. Together with Modiform, we will bring PlantPaper world wide. Our cooperation is 100% free and open. 

You can buy our paperpot paper through Modiform or directly from us. It does not make a difference. We are all in this together. And we invite you to join us!


Modiform is a flexible organization that evolves along with its customers, with maximum focus on reliability and customer service. Modiform links a solution-oriented approach to a high service level. In this way, Modiform contributes to benefits for your customers.

Continuous focus on quality

We aim to continually improve product quality through extensive product development, machinery modernization, and quality control improvements.

Fast delivery from stock

For most products, orders placed today are delivered tomorrow. There are no specific order quantities for items available from stock. We also have short delivery times for custom products and customer-specific concepts. In addition, Modiform offers you the possibility to keep your products in stock to be delivered on demand. We have a strong logistics infrastructure, tailored especially to your preferences.

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Contact Modiform

   +31 (0) 33 434 31 66